First alpha releases of HPNN

HPNN got its first public alpha releases.

HPNN stands for High Performance Neural Network.
It is a library that aims to allow a program to train and use artificial neural networks "on-the-fly".
I aim to keep it a simple API, and the library is entirely written in plain C.
For now it support several parallel framework:
  • MPI, for multi-nodes calculations over any network;
  • OpenMP, for multi-CPUs calculations, within a node;
  • CUDA, for calculation within several (NVidia) GPUs.
Some combination are also possible, ie. MPI/OpenMP, for calculation with several CPUs over a network of nodes.

*MPI/CUDA combinations, ie. one or several GPUs on several nodes (but with one CPU), and
OpenMP/CUDA combinations, ie. several CPUs + several GPUs on one node, are also planned.

However, the code is still in _very_ alpha stage, so expect a lot of BUGs.

The library is available here.


happy new 2020

Happy new year 2020!

Ok, I'm a little late on that one ^^'
I have taken some very nice and relaxing vacation in Yakushima, and I'm now 100% filled with energy and... and I'm sick again. In Nagoya the flu is so strong >_<

In this year, I will be busy with a lot of projects, but I have taken several good resolutions:
  • I will post more content to this BLOG ;)
  • I will not be distracted by the Olympic Games all around here;
  • I will finish the tutorials for VASP / USPEX / HPNN / ect
  • (also I will post them here)
  • I will not be distracted by the Olympic Games all around here;
  • I will finish all my articles... and all my projects...
  • more seriously I will stop making resolution lists.

I hope that your 2020 will be fantastic!


Working II

I update the resources page with an open list of scientific databases.

For now it is filled with the ones I most often use.
But I am open to suggestions ;)



Working I

Working on few things for the blog:
  • my domain is now attached: ovhpa.net (also under construction);
  • I add a Resources page with a few materials of interest - I hope it will grow with time;
  • I add a Bio page: I also really hope it will grow with time.
That's all for now!
Everything is still under (heavy) construction ^^' but it start to feel like home ;)



OVHPA-Science blog has just started...
For now it is still currently under construction, and very limited, sorry m(_ _)m

I hope to find the time to feed the blog in a regular fashion ;)


BTW: Thanks for stopping by!